We are a brand with social impact that produces plural fashion, generating empowerment and income in the sertão. Recovering the art of artisans from Seridó, building with their hands the dream and the hope of better days, in the simplicity and affection of our clothes.

Depedro fashion was born unpretentious, but a powerful idea is bigger than the creator himself. Urban? LGBTQI? Much more: PLURAL. The DNA of Marcus Figueiredo, born in Seridó Potiguar, son of Caicó, land of elaborate embroidery and talented embroiderers, was born to shine around the world - as much as the sun that burns this region of the Brazilian hinterland!

Marcus Figueirêdo, was born about 400km from the capital of Rio Grande do Norte, in Caicó, and was raised in a city of 2,000 inhabitants called Ipueira. Son of Seridó Potiguar, land of elaborate embroidery and talented people. All these influences were always present in his life, the richness of the Northeastern culture in counterpoint to the drought and its suffering people. This reality has always been a challenge for understanding and that's why he thought:

"What can I do to change this reality?"
Thus, over the years, he understood his purpose in the midst of so much madness in this system so inhuman and selfish.

"I have the need to do my part, bring people joy, show everything that my land has to offer and help my people."
"I left years of teaching and business consulting to build a dream and today I can say that it is a network of good!"
"I'm very grateful for everything I've collected so far, but this path has just begun..."

Come be part of this story of struggle and discovery.