Caring for your handcrafted items

Handcrafted products are made with care, technique and care. They are unique pieces, even if replicated several times, each one has its peculiarities.

Do you know how to properly wash your parts? Do you know how to wash those made in patchwork, embroidery, knitting, crochet? Thinking about these doubts that are common, here are some tips for good care, so they last longer.

Linen products require ironing, but hand washing is essential!

Made of thread or wool, don't leave them hanging to dry! Place it horizontally on some surface, such as a table or clothesline.

Crochets cannot be dry-cleaned and must be washed inside a zippered nylon bag. By the way, they are great for you to use in all handcrafted items!

Keep your handmade products always folded and stored. Knitted or crochet pieces, folded and avoid putting them on hangers so as not to stretch and distort.

If your product has applications in embroidery or fabric painting, do not iron them directly, but inside out.

Products made with satin thread, avoid ironing, you run the risk of burning your piece, but if you need to iron a lot, put it at the silk temperature and use a thin cotton cloth over the piece.

Embroideries are delicate and should be hand washed with a mild soap and dried in the shade without hanging.
In most cases, remember these tips well for all types of pieces:

    wash your hand only
    Always use neutral bar soap or liquid.
    Do not use chlorine bleach.
    Do not soak for a long time and rinse under running water.
    If soaking, let it be for a maximum of 30 minutes.
    Do not twist the piece! Spin in the machine in gentle mode.
    In the first wash the piece may loose ink, so wash alone to avoid staining others.
    Do not use staples or pegs to dry, leave them hanging or stretched out without them.
    Put a little salt in the water to wash dark or aged pieces.
    Care is always important with pieces made with fabric, thread, embroidery, application and other materials. Regardless of the technique, the pieces made by hand or in the machine by hand, are delicate and deserve every care to always remain beautiful.